Culture-Shift: The Chief Data Officer's Responsibility

Chief Data Officers (CDOs) have a critical role in leading a culture shift towards data-driven decision-making. Learn their responsibilities and impact.
Culture-Shift: The Chief Data Officer's Responsibility
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You’re not alone. In fact, poor data culture is a common problem for companies of all sizes and industries.

Whether you’ve been tasked with fixing your company’s data culture as part of a new role (such as a Data Scientist) or have decided to tackle this project on your own, there are some universal challenges that you can expect to face along the way.

Before we dig into those challenges, let’s make sure we are all on the same page about what we mean when we talk about “data culture.” For our purposes, data culture refers to the beliefs, attitudes and behaviors that shape how people in an organization interact with data. A healthy data culture is one where individuals and teams make decisions based on a solid foundation of operational and business intelligence rather than personal opinions or past practices. It requires people at every level of your organization to use information gleaned from their systems as well as analytics-based insights in order to make informed decisions that drive positive change within your company, internally and externally.

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